O'Brien Psychological: Evaluations & Psychotherapy Services
O'Brien Psychological: Evaluations & Psychotherapy Services

Psychological Evaluations

O'Brien Psychological Services offers a wide range of psychological assessments and tests for infants through adults. Clients come for help for a variety of reasons, including the following:


  • Autism Evaluations
  • Academically Gifted Child
  • Academic Testing for Accommodations / Learning Disability Evaluations 
  • ADHD Evaluations
  • Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations
  • Developmental Delay Assessment
  • Memory Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Psychological Evaluations for Bariatric Surgery Candidates 
  • Vocational Placement Testing / Career Change


Dr. O'Brien's psychological evaluations provide in-depth and practical recommendations that are specific to each client's needs. The assessments tools that we use are well-researched and respected in the field of psychology.   


The feedback we receive from those who request an evaluation from O'Brien Psychological is consistently positive. The following is a sample of that feedback:


"I have worked with Dr. O'Brien many times. He performed psychological evaluations for consumers. An expert. Evaluation results were always concise; easy to understand; there is an attention to detail… I would highly recommend Dr. O'Brien."


~ Karen Jeeter

   Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 

   Division of Disability & Rehabilitative Services

   Indianapolis, Indiana


"We will take this opportunity to thank you for an extremely thorough and helpful evaluation. It should be of great assistance to our supervisors in assisting to address [the defendant's] needs."


~ K. Mark Lloyd, Judge

   Johnson County Circuit Court

   Franklin, Indiana


"Ivy Tech has referred multiple students to Michael for educational testing as proof of need for disability support services. He's very professional and his reports are thorough."


~ Summer Black

     Assistant Director of Disability Support Services at

     Ivy Tech Community College

     Indianapolis, Indiana

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